7 Tips for Home Sellers

Home sellers tips

Put yourself in your prospective buyers’ shoes when considering the following tips:

  1. First impressions are most important. When a prospective buyer comes to look at your house, the first they will see is your yard and front door. Keep your yard at its best. If the grass is cut, weeds are pulled, and shrubs are trimmed, the yard will appear well kept. Remove leaves, debris, snow, and ice from walkways. Entry door and adjacent windows should be clean.Homesellers - first impressions are important
  2. Clean thoroughly. Clean – especially glass, walls, floors. Eliminate excess garbage or unpleasant odours. What you show will leave a lasting impression.
  3. Let the sunlight shine in. It’s extremely important to give your home a bright, warm, cherry feeling. This can be done simply by opening blinds, curtains, and drapes all the way. Windows should be clean.
  4. Fix all obvious annoyances. Leaking faucets should be fixed as dripping water suggests plumbing repairs are necessary. Stained sinks should be cleaned. Obvious water marks suggest damage and trigger concern in buyers, even if the repairs may have been done. Also, lubricate squeaking hinges on doors and cupboards. Correct doors that stick.
  5. Do simple redecorating where needed. Do any simple, inexpensive refinishing that will make a differences (eg., scarred walls and wood trimming will reduce the appeal of your home). Any reasonable amount of redecoration will usually result in a better sale price. Fresh cut flowers add a nice touch to major living areas.
  6. Make safety your concern. Keep hallways and stairs free of obstructions. Secure or remove loose rugs.
  7. Remove unnecessary articles from every room. Discard unwanted newspapers, articles, etc. that have accumulated. Remove items that are not use. Store items neatly in one location (in storage space in your basement, attic or garage) and use only one space. That way prospective buyers will see your house has ample storage room.

Do you have any favourite home selling tips to share?

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