Preparing for your move: 16 storing and packing tips

Preparing for your move: 16 storing and packing tips

1) Purchase packing paper or newsprint roll ends from a local newspaper, pads for inventory, heavy markers, packing tape and string.

2) Use the best boxes you can get. Boxes can be purchased from many moving companies. These are strength rated and can be easier to move because they are uniformly sized.

3) Empty small engine gas tanks (lawnmower, weed eaters, outboard engines, etc).

4) Remove batteries from appliances and toys.

5) Dismantle large power tools before moving.

6) Ensure lids and tops are secure on all bottles and containers.

7) Limit weight of filled moving boxes to 50 lbs or less.

8) Pack heavy items, such as books, in smaller boxes.

9) Label all boxes with lists of contents and which room they should be placed in.

10) Indicate priority of loading moving boxes.

12) Help protect more delicate items by labelling these boxes as fragile.

13) Number your boxes and keep an inventory.

14) Wrap all china and glass and other fragile items separately.

15) Electronics should be packed in original boxes if available.

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16) Keep valuables with you.


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