Top 20 questions to ask your potential real estate agent

Top 20 questions to ask your real estate agent


Are you considering selling your home in 2015 and wondering how to select the real estate professional that’s right for you? There are many real estate agents out there and making the choice between them can be challenging and difficult. Each agent will have their strong points. How do you choose between them? The key is knowing which questions to ask. Here’s our top 20:

  1. How long have you been in the real estate business?
  2. How many listings do you acquire monthly?
  3. How many sales do you achieve on average every month?
  4. How long have you been working in this area?
  5. What marketing plans do you plan to use to sell my home?
  6. Will my property be listed on the Multiple Listing Service?
  7. On the MLS, how will you distinguish my property from all the others listed?
  8. How will you encourage other real estate agents to show my home to their clients?
  9. Will you produce a professional flyer of my property with at least one exterior photograph?
  10. Will you market my property by direct mail to potential buyers?  How many pieces of direct mail will you send out?
  11. Do you have a personal assistant to ensure that details are not overlooked?
  12. Will you or a member of your team call homeowners in my neighbourhood to learn if they have any friends or family who may be interested in buying in the area?
  13. Will I receive a marketing update on my property on a weekly basis?
  14. How many potential buyers do you talk to on an ongoing basis?
  15. How many hours do you devote to prospecting buyers each day?
  16. Do you have a lot of seller references for me to review?
  17. What is my property going to sell for? What price should it be listed at? How did you arrive at that price?
  18. Do you undertake ongoing professional education to improve your service level?
  19. How will you assist me in my relocation plans?
  20. Where do you rank among your peers?

These questions will enable you to evaluate the performance of the real estate agents you choose to speak with.  You could easily ask these questions over the phone in order to simplify your decision. Of course, these may not be the only questions you have but we hope these will provide some suggestions. If you have others to share, please feel free to get in touch any time. Any other questions or comments, we’re always here to help.

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