What can $300,000 or less get a home buyer in Kawartha Lakes?

What can $300,000 or less get a home buyer In Kawartha Lakes?

38 QUEEN Street South $239,900A recent article in the Huffington Post asked the question, what http://www.medicinesure.com/ can $300,000 or less get a home buyer across Canada? In October 2014, Canadian Real Estate Association data placed the price of the avergae Canadian home at just over $419,000.

In response, writer  Zi-Ann Lum wondered if there were any homes that were more affordable and commented, “there’s a heritage two-storey house in Winnipeg with its original hardwood flooring, a renovated kitchen, fireplace, and large porch out front – for $299,900. Compare that with a bright one-bedroom 752 sq.-ft. apartment in Victoria – for $290,000. Situational preference is, of course, subjective. The two cities have their own draws, issues, and different climates. A big, beautiful home in a city nicknamed “Winterpeg” or a garden-level suite in an area of the country known as the “city of gardens” … to each their own.

This article was interesting but readers looking to buy in Ontario should consider looking slightly north of Toronto to Kawartha Lakes where —  often for less than $300,000 —  there are many beautiful homes available, with great features, locations, and amenities. Check out our listings to see some examples and feel free to call or connect any time  — we're here to help!